Monday, July 29, 2019

I Came Back To A Sagging Old Man!!!

Compatriot Michael Tieman
So, remember I talked about the clay melting if it got too warm in the room.

Yep, it happened. Today I went into the studio after not being in it for a few days and the hat had melted and fell into his arms. And it had slumped a bit, he gained a few inches around the waist and it was lower. In other words, he got old.

So today I turned on the air conditioner, pushed his gut back,  replaced and rebuilt the hat. Drove a few screws into the hat and into the foam of the head.

Once I did that, I added clay to the musket to cover the wood base.

Then, I started to add the harder foundry clay covering the base clay.

My hands were screaming so I had to stop for the day. I put the fan on for the night on the clay and put my compression gloves on me for the night.

Tomorrow I call the foundry to order some clay as I am on my last ingot.

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