Monday, February 27, 2017

More Meetings and Revisions

Spent the last few days talking with a contractor to see how much this memorial will cost. Important info since we will be raising money to fund it. Also had coffee with a friend Patti who is a DAR (Daughter of the American Revolution). showed her a PowerPoint presentation I am working on and having her go over the handout. I need to make a presentation to the Oregon DAR and want her input. 
She gave me a lot of good advice and pointers so now I need to rework the PowerPoint and handout for next meeting.

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- Compatriot Michael Tieman

Thursday, February 23, 2017

How About Some Sculpture?

 Spent the last few days working on sculpture concepts/drawings, a Minitman, a Militia, and a Continental soldier. I thought I would sculpt these life size in clay and have them cast in bronze as a bas-relief, maybe 4-6 inches deep. Worked out the specs and have prices from the foundry I use for my other sculpture. 
This guy may look familiar. If you look in the background photo of this blog this is Fred, one of our Color Guard, dressed in his finest Continental uniform.

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- Compatriot Michael Tieman

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

3D Drawings

Need to build a rough 3D image of the new design so people can see it easier. Fortunately, I have Photoshop which has 3D capabilities, which I have never used before. I have used Lightwave in the past to build 3D environments for short movie presentations and web sites but the software and my skills are out of date. How hard can Photoshop be?
Well, after a few days of trying and looking at YouTube, I finally figured it out enough to produce something people can see and understand.
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- Compatriot Michael Tieman

Monday, February 13, 2017

Need A New Handout Piece To Explain The Memorial

 Started to work on revisions to the handout piece. It needs to tell the story simply and with a passion. I am a visual artist and graphic designer, so the writing part does not come easy. After many revisions and having a few people looking it over, here is what I have.

The Mission: “To construct a living, interactive memorial in Beaverton, Oregon’s Memorial Park to HONOR our patriot forefathers who served or assisted the colonies during the Revolutionary War and to EDUCATE our children and the future generations about the American Revolution and the price and responsibilities of FREEDOM.”
The memorial that has been planned to honor our nation’s Revolutionary War history has gone through several name and design changes because of changing building regulations. 

As the design evolved, the concept grew from just another static “Memorial Wall” to a living, breathing interactive memorial bringing history to life through modern technology. The scope will be broader, including contributions by community partners, all sharing the goals of education, service and patriotism. 

While the memorial will continue to be spearheaded by the Lewis & Clark Chapter and the Oregon Sons of the American Revolution, it can also boast patriotic materials and stories from partner organizations like the American Legion, local and state historical and genealogical societies, Oregon State Daughters of the American Revolution, Children of the American Revolution and local service organizations. 

The new vision congealed into a two-part memorial, the first part is the physical memorial in the Beaverton Memorial Park. Comprising of eight walls arranged in the shape of the snake from the “Unite or Die” flag. The walls are set into a concrete floor with the snake symbol and the phrase “We the People” etched deep into it.  The second part of the memorial is the stored information with the ability to update, change and improve that information and store it for retrieval by anyone, anywhere at any time.

  •  Etched into the bottom of the blood red granite walls are the names of the Patriots who served or assisted the colonies during the Revolutionary War and whose ancestors are members of the Oregon Sons of the American Revolution or the Oregon State Daughters of the American Revolution. Next to the list is a QR code that when you scan it on your mobile device, it takes you to a web page that has the biographies of those Patriots. It also has links to DAR and SAR databases where you can get more information, and see if maybe you are related to a Patriot.
  • Sections of journal pages written by the men who were fighting at Valley Forge, the Hudson River area and Yorktown as an example will be etched into the walls. QR codes again link to more journals, and to historical and genealogical society libraries not only in Oregon, but across the United States.
  • A graphic yearly timeline from the Boston Massacre March 5, 1770 to June 21, 1788 when the Constitution was ratified. The information etched above the timeline is the dates of some of the major battles fought, and the information below the timeline is major events in the lives of the people that influenced the battles. Scan the QR codes to get to more information and links on the events.
  • Etched images and writings of everyday life of the colonists; clothes, toys, what they ate and what their homes and business looked like. QR codes again take you to more information and links, while you are still standing in front of the memorial in Beaverton.
  • Let’s not forget about those Patriots. Life size images cast in bronze of a Minuteman, a Militia soldier and a Continental soldier.
  • In the corner, a raised dais containing several revolutionary war flags, flags our patriots fought and died under both on land and sea, are flying in the breeze adding color and life to the memorial. Along the front of the dais etched into the red granite is the Oregon Revolutionary War Memorial logo along with the words “Together we are strong”.
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- Compatriot Michael Tieman

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Working On New Web Site Design

Put together plan for web site. Main buttons and sub pages. Trying to make it easy for the next person to add and update info on the site so I chose to host the site and I am using their page builder software.
I have designed and built web sites for a living for decades and can write code, but the drag and drop of this software is perfect for what I want. Easy for anyone to work with.
Spent last four days working on the basics and gathering some of the info I will use. Starting to look good, I just have to remember to keep it simple and easy for the viewer to use.
- Compatriot Michael Tieman

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Memorial Committee Meets To Revise Image

Today I presented a new image and design concept to five members of the Memorial Committee.

There has been a problem with the Memorial in that it has to be re-designed to fit the revised building specs of the Beaverton Memorial Park where the memorial will be built.

Since we have to look at re-vising it, I thought we should look at thinking again as to what it is and how it should work.

I presented ideas on an "Interactive" memorial which includes not only the physical structure and walls in the park, but how we could make it interactive through the use of QR codes linking to a new web site , Social Media such as this blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Also presented was a new Branding concept which included the logo you see above.

The committee after much discussion approved the new Brand and Memorial concept. We also set up the following committees and chairmen; PR- Grier Ingebretsen, Events- Tom Boardman, Library/Design - Michael Tieman, Fundraising - Dave Kingsella, and Finance- Bob Bogardus.

Now the hard part comes ... making it happen.
- Compatriot Michael Tieman