Thursday, May 4, 2017

Two New Partners Join Our Ranks. We are now Five and growing.

The Beaverton City Library has agreed to help us with our information gathering. Once everything is in place they can supply us with hot links to information on the internet, a link to their powerful library Search web site where you can find a book in the library system on the subject of interest and finally a link with a contact at their Research section. Our thanks to Abigail Elder, Director, Beaverton City Library.

The Beaverton School District will be working with us on how their students can be involved with adding reports, projects and art to this site. Maureen Wheeler, Public Communications Officer, Beaverton School District has been our champion on this project as liaison between us and the Principals and teachers of the elementary schools - 5th grade, middle schools - 8th grade and high school - APHistory. Thanks Maureen.

Over the next month or so we can tell you more and show you some results.
Looking forward to working with these fine institutions.

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