Thursday, August 13, 2020

And Now the Black Soldier of the 1st Rhode Island Regiment


The beginning of the last of the six figures.

The Black soldier of the 1st Rhode Island Regiment.

Like the others, it all starts with the figure that goes under the clothes. On this one, I ran out of dowel to use as the base of the rifle, so I have one of my tools as a stand in prop.

In the next photo below I have started to add the personality of the figure with the face and a rough rendition of a uniform. 

Interestingly enough, the uniform for this regiment consists of white overalls (pants with gaiters attached), a white shirt and black neck sock, white vest and a short white rifleman coat with small fringe.

His cover (or hat), is very unique to them. The front panel is
teardrop shaped, black with white piping and a white anchor on the face. Behind the face panel they have red and black feathers.

Along with this uniform, they also carry a canteen and a cartridge bag slung across their chest that hang to the back.

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