Wednesday, July 29, 2020

The Oneida Warrior Begins

Starting with a sketch and building the base of the figure. Again I build the body and then dress it. That way it looks correct.
You can see by the sketch how this proud warrior is dressed.

Long pants, probably deerskin, and around the knees red wool garters tied to hand down the outside of the leg, a loincloth over the top. On top of that is a patterned long sleeved cloth shirt tied at the waist with a wide woolen sash. Around the arms are silver armbands and they have a lot of silver bracelets.
Around his neck is a silver gorget and he has earrings that are   two round discs tied together. His face is painted red from the eyes down with red circles under his mouth and above his eyes. The top of his head has a painted V shape and he is bald except for a back circle of hair where he adds feathers that stick up. 

On this warrior I have added a red and blue blanket over his left shoulder and over the arm, in some images I have found it looks like a warrior chief wears one.

He is carrying a short barrelled rifle and a very distinctly shaped tomahawk.

All in all a force to be feared, standing guard and waiting.

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