Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Memorial Committee Meets To Revise Image

Today I presented a new image and design concept to five members of the Memorial Committee.

There has been a problem with the Memorial in that it has to be re-designed to fit the revised building specs of the Beaverton Memorial Park where the memorial will be built.

Since we have to look at re-vising it, I thought we should look at thinking again as to what it is and how it should work.

I presented ideas on an "Interactive" memorial which includes not only the physical structure and walls in the park, but how we could make it interactive through the use of QR codes linking to a new web site , Social Media such as this blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Also presented was a new Branding concept which included the logo you see above.

The committee after much discussion approved the new Brand and Memorial concept. We also set up the following committees and chairmen; PR- Grier Ingebretsen, Events- Tom Boardman, Library/Design - Michael Tieman, Fundraising - Dave Kingsella, and Finance- Bob Bogardus.

Now the hard part comes ... making it happen.
- Compatriot Michael Tieman

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